Tuesday, July 30, 2013

House Signature a/k/a Front Door

New Front Door!

From This When the Door was in Window Jail
And the Door Opening in the Front of the House
To This!
Now we Need a Front Porch!
Inside View (Hard to get a good shot with all of the light)

We now have a front door! OK, so it’s nailed shut and there aren’t any steps to it but it’s in. A front door says a lot about a house. It can signal a warm and welcoming house or it can be just the opposite, keeping the Halloween candy seekers away. And everyone else for that matter. Ever notice how you always seem to look at the front door when you’re checking out a house? It’s the signature of the house  isn’t it?
We opted for lots of windows which will let in tons of light to keep the front entrance warm and welcoming on the outside and inside. I’m sure we’ll put some sort of curtains over the windows to have some sense of privacy. I don’t want to scare the neighbors across the street in the morning after a night of too many gin and tonics.
We’re planning on having it stained and polyurethaned to protect it. I wish I could tell you the name or the model but I can’t remember at the moment. I’ll update this once I do.
Now the character of the house is starting to show. We have a front door to welcome friends through.
And our house has a signature.


  1. Warm and welcomng, indeed! A porch will be nice, too.

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