Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter Blues - Part 2 (or I hate snow)

After posting Winter Blues - Part 1, I thought it would be good to post what I think of snow now.

Ya, it's pretty now...

More snow, this is getting deep and I'm starting to have problems moving the snow. My back is starting to ache.

The Hydrangeas are slowly disappearing

The cold has frozen a 6" ridge of sharp, frozen ice at the end of the driveway left courtesy of the plow driver. Of course, after I finished shoveling. I think they wait for everyone to finish clearing before they go by. And unclear.

Drifts everywhere

When I walk through the snow it gets into my boots and thaws around my feet. Ya, that's such a great feeling. I curse.

The snow was falling so fast it looked like tracers from the clouds.

It's like it will never stop. Storm after storm.

More Practice than I needed

The snow blower throws the snow to the wind.The wind then catches and blows it all back in my face making me think this must be what the North Pole is like.

The Garden Angel has become a Snow Angel

It's so freaking deep now I can't see anything in the yard. I wonder if the deck will collapse from all of that "pretty" snow.

Another night, Another Snow storm

The newspaper is no longer skittering across the snow. It burrows under the new snow, completely disappearing in the driveway. I find it later with the snow blower which shreds it and blows fresh confetti everywhere.

A "Small" Snowdrift on the Deck.

The snow mounds along the drive way are now shoulder high forcing me to lift the snow over my head to add to the ever growing pile. My shovel is breaking. So is my back

Heavy Slush

We have a temporary thaw. Moving the slush around is like shoveling cold oatmeal. And its three times as heavy.

More Drifts

We now have no where left for the snow drifts to go during each storm. So they build new ones on the porches. Everytime it snows.

I had to get this Shot of the Icicles on my Neighbor's House.
We call them "Widow Makers"

My gutters are frozen solid with shear walls of ice sitting 6 inches higher than the gutter. Icicles look nice on Christmas cards. Not roofs. Companies are charging around $80 per worker to clear roofs. You'll usually see about 5 of them on a roof. And it takes hours to clear.

It Looks Nice. Until the Sun Comes up

The roads are dirty. My car is a mess. My garage floor is covered with chunks of dirty, icy water.

You can see the Driveway Markers on the Side of the Driveway.
Then they disappeared.

The plow driver comes in the middle of the night doing his job. Leaving work for me.

The Falling Snow even Blots Out the Streetlight

Everything disappears underneath piles and piles of the white stuff.

Some folks have heated walkways to melt the snow. Not us.

We have no where left to put it.

Yay! This is Fun. No it's not...
I've had to do this so many times that I don't know which 
storm this was.

My neighbor doesn't mind that I blow the snow towards their driveway. I clear their's too.

Our Neighbors Over the Border

Seems like the only fun to be had is by the creative folks on the Internet.

Even the Game Shows are Getting in on it.

Funny. Who thinks of these things?

What the Day Brings

It wouldn't be so bad if it would melt. But it's been too cold.So it just sits there waiting for the next storm to pile on more.

Wishing for spring

The Hydrangeas have all but disappeared.It so cold the snow on the roof isn't even melting.

Look! Even the Weatherman Looks Unhappy.
We're at the bottom of the 6". Um, that's 6" of more snow.

On Saturday night, the local weather was saying that we we're going to get another 3" - 6". It's now snowing and I know I'll be shoveling it all before I go to work.

But Wait! There's more!

Tomorrow morning there will be 6" of new snow. And now they are saying there will be another storm on Tuesday! That's it. I'm done. I've had enough.

I hate snow. And the cold. I hate that too.

Enjoy your week. I'll probably be shoveling. Or maybe I'll build a snowman. Or an igloo.