Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flooring - Part 2

The floor installation has started.
They layed Rosen paper beneath the floor.
This helps the floor to float as the humidity changes.

Running down the hallway.

Lot's of cuts to make.

Living Room

We were pleased to see the Front Door stained.
More to come on that in another blog.

The Gas Fireplace Mantel and hearth were added!

Living Room floor completed

We had selected the Front Door with side lites to bring in light.
It's working as planned!

The excitement continues. Once the wood floors had sat for a few days in order to be acclimated with the humidity of the house, the installation began. They started by putting Rosen paper down over the sub-floor and then the oak floor over it. It will help reduce squeaks and help the floor to move a bit as the wood swells and shrinks as the humidity changes over seasons.

It was amazing to see how quickly it went down, moving along rapidly from room to room. Once the wood is all down, they’ll sand it and then stain it.

While the floor was being installed they stained the front door and we were thrilled to find that the color is perfect. Another plan well executed. I’ll provide more on that on a future blog.

Additionally during that time, they installed the hearth and mantel around the gas fireplace. We like the way it looks and it’s already one of the focal points of the room. More on that later too.

With the floors moving along, the door being stained and the fireplace now looking like a fireplace we feel closer to having a real house instead of one full of sawdust and wood and plaster. We can now start to think about moving in. Of course there is still a lot of work to be done, but we can at least start to see that our dream is finally turning into reality.

Enjoy your week.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


We knew it was time to pick out a stain for the floors so
Mrs. OSH set up a staining test location in the garage. On my side.

She picked up a piece of oak panel from the local big box and used that
to compare stains and shades.

She tried Cherry and even mixing Cherry with other stains

She tried Weathered Oak and Early American
(and what's up with Google? It keeps flipping my pics.)

And Early American and Cherry
(I'm beginning to think Google has an issue)

We were concerned that we weren't getting the test staining right because
of  the type of wood that we were using. So I ran over to Lumber Liquidators
where they gave me a few unstained pieces of white oak to use. Free.

This color test came out much better because we were using actual flooring.
We decided to go with the English Chestnut (right side).

It was exciting to go over and find that the flooring had been delivered.

It was from a company in Virginia named Ten Oaks

You can see Stuart Virginia stamped on to the backside of the wood.

Stacks and Stacks

Spread around to the different rooms

And once acclimated to the house conditions it will be ready to be installed

It was exciting to stop by the house and find that the hardwood flooring had arrived. It wasn’t just the fact that the wood had arrived, but it was knowing that this is the last phase of major construction. Once this is done the only work remaining will be the installation of all the parts that make the house go (outlets, lights, switches, faucets, etc.).

Like any decision with house building, selecting a floor and the color stain is not something that you want to do in haste. We were originally going to go with Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors in the main living areas and carpet the bedrooms. But after looking at stains and worrying about the dark wood showing every scratch and not to mention the impact on our budget, we decided to go with white oak. White oak is the old standby but it’s found in many houses with hard wood floors. Sure, there are many beautiful exotics available; they were just beyond our budget. The upside to using white oak was that we could now afford to do the bedrooms too.

We also decided to go with the unfinished boards and have them finished on site. I wouldn’t hesitate to go with the prefinished pieces if doing an individual room, but see we were doing the entire house, we felt it was a better route to have the floors finished as part of the install.

Mrs. OSH experimented with the actual stains on a piece of oak paneling. Colors on a company supplied card just don’t cut it. You really need to stain wood and bring it on site to get a better feel. We weren’t sure the colors were accurate so I ran over to Lumber Liquidators where they gave me some sample pieces. Free. It may sound simple, but I was impressed that they gave me the pieces. They now have a future customer.

After testing many samples we decided to go with the Minwax English Chestnut. We think it will give us the right shade of dark, but not too dark. It will also show the grain of the wood nicely. The only thing we didn’t do that might not have been a bad idea was to cover the stains with a few coats of poly because this can darken the wood further. We were OK with a slightly darker color though and didn’t bother.  

We can’t wait to see it start to be installed.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Painting Wrap Up

Master Bedroom
Rockport Gray

Guest Bathroom
Misty Memories


Dining Room

Dining Room

The painters have wrapped up the interior painting and cleaned up their gear and moved onto the next house. The ceilings, walls, trim work and doors are all done and they look great. Of course, I was so enthralled by it all and how it looks I just didn’t take enough pictures.

I’m glad we decided to stick with a few primary colors until we move in and get a feel for each room and the lighting. I found that with walking from room to room or even looking at the walls in any one room, the shades of color seem to change. What makes it even more interesting is the Collingwood, which we used in all of the main living areas, seems to take on a different color as you move from the hallway to the Living Room to the Dining Room. The amount of natural light coming in really makes a difference. Who knows, we may never need to repaint any time soon.

The other part that paint really makes interesting is how you can now start to see the character of the house and every room starting to come through. All that planning. All that swearing (yes, I’ve had some moments) seems to be paying off. Having it go from a piece of paper to a plan to something that you can touch is awesome and makes it all well worth it. Most of the time.

So what’s next? The floors should be coming in and I expect that part of the project will take a couple of weeks. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paint in Progress

Master Bath Vanity
As you may have seen in the last post, everything was masked off. Once that was done they spray painted primer on all the walls and ceilings. With everything masked off, this made for quick work.

Living Room
I stopped by after work one night to see how the paint was progressing. They were using a sprayer to do the ceilings.

The air was thick with latex paint spray. The painter wore a respirator.

I didn't have one, so my time was limited to a about two minutes. Long enough to get a couple of quick pics.

Dining Room
After the primer and ceilings were done, they went to work on the wood trim. Again, having it masked off enabled the painters to use a sprayer.

Even the doors were sprayed. I liked the idea of spraying the trim and doors because it gave the woodwork a smooth, even finish. That's hard to do with a brush.

Dining Room
The bottom half with the wainscoting was sprayed white. The upper half will be painted Collingwood like the Living Room and Kitchen. We may change that once we move in and get a feel for the room.

Room Over Garage Stairs
Even the oak treads were masked off so that they could paint the stair trim.

Room Over Garage Stairs
The next step was to paint all of the walls using an 18" roller. This made for quick work.

18" Roller and Tray
I was thinking that "I need one of these". Then I thought, "maybe not". Mrs. OSH will then have my weekends booked if she changes her mind about the colors.

Guest Bathroom
The first coat was put on as a base with cutting in around the windows and corners done later with a brush. Then they will then go back and do the final coat with the roller.

Tools of the Trade

Now that everything is masked off the painters (DJ Rasmusson Paint Restoration Co.) are making quick progress. 

First it was painting primer over all the drywall to provide an even background color and give the paint something to stick to. Then they painted the ceilings using a sprayer which I’m guessing saved them a ton of time. After they were done with the ceilings, they went on and painted all of the trim work in place. They are painting the walls so this doesn’t hurt anything doing it this way. They also spray painted all of the doors giving them a nice smooth, even coat. Now they’ve broken out the rollers and started on the walls. 

We can’t wait to see what the finish colors look like in our new rooms.

Enjoy your weekend.