Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back Deck & Patio

Starting the Back Deck

One day I received a call from better half and she said they're starting the back deck! But they are using pressure treated wood. Isn't it supposed to be mahogany? A quick check of the contract determined that she was right.

Removing the Back Deck

We called the builder but for whatever reason they let the contarctors finish the deck. A few months later, it was being removed so they could build the "mahogany" deck.

Restarting the Back Deck

Meridian (our builder) hired DJ and his crew from D. E. Zeilstra to come in and do all of the finish work including redoing the deck that the other contractor did incorrectly. The first thing that they did was to rip off all of the pressure treated wood.

Landing for the Back Door of the Garage

One of the areas that we were uncertain about the design was the back door of the garage. We thought about steps and maybe even a small deck. We decided that a small platform tied into the stairs of the deck would work perfectly.

Almost Done

The deck, balusters, posts and railings are all mahoganey. We decided to have a white fascia board trim it off around the edges.

Deck Completed

DJ topped the Posts with Copper Caps which gave it a nice finished look.


Looking Down to the Garage

Code required that we put up a rail that was graspable.The mahogany railing was just a little too wide so we had another railing put on the garage wall. We'll have it stained to match colors.

Back Deck & Platform

We couldn't have asked for a better job on the deck. It was exactly what we had designed and came out even better than we expected. We kept it on the small side (12' x 10') for just when it was she and I using it. Our plan was to use the large patio down below when we entertained. While the mahogany added to the cost, we wanted something different and we really like how it came out.

Pavers Found on Craigslist

So you may remember my story from last year (I must Be Crazy) when I found a bunch of pavers for sale on Craigslist. I figured I could save a bunch of money if I hauled them all to the new house and built my own patio. The two wonderful ladies who were selling them, Helen and Linda, just smiled and never said anything as I toiled away during the hot summer moving them. I think they were smiling because they knew I was in fact, crazy. Certifiably.

Staging the Pavers

After watching Henry and his crew from Pereira Brothers and the work that they did with the side wall and walkway along with the amount of time it took, not to mention the beautiful job that they did, we my better half, decided there weren't enough weekends in the next century for me to build the patio. And that I was out of my mind to think that I could get something that large built before we moved to assisted living. 40 years from now. She made me tell Henry go for it.

Leveling the Grade

The first thing they did was to set the grade using a laser level and moving and compacting the gravel around that we had brought in last fall. I tried to convince my better half that I needed a laser level. And a tractor to move dirt. She responded with Henry has that stuff. You don't need that. 

Setting the Lines

If you look closely, crossing diagonally across the picture, you can see the strings that cross the patio which will guide the depth of the pavers.

Starting the Patio

I think this was the second day.

Beginning the Edge

The slight curve at the required almost every paver to be cut to fit.


We'll be planting grasses and low plants along the edge. There will be a slightly larger garden between the patio and the windows.

Looking Down from the Roof

I took advantage of a ladder being left on the deck to get a different perspective.

Up Close View of the Deck

We had Henry pave under the deck for future storage. I'll be building lattice panels with a sliding door to cover it all. We're going to add some plants in the triangle area. 

The Pavers and Mahogany deck compliment each other.

Finished Products