Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Morning

Dahlias from the Garden

It's Sunday morning and it's the morning after a rainy night so everything is wet and the air is cool. 

View off the Back Deck

It's the perfect morning to reflect on the past week, plan the day and think about the week ahead.

Patio View

Today also seems like the pause before the cold. It gives me time to think about all of the things we've done outside around the house. I think about the many plants that we've put in and what should we add next year. Or what should we move soon so it will be in a better location next year?

Landing at the Bottom of the Deck Stairs

It also reminds me how we've spent a lot of time outside planting and watering and of course weeding with little time left to blog and share our building story. We've had a great summer and enjoyed every minute of it.


But the season change is coming and that means I will soon be back on line writing more often. I still have more stories to tell and fortunately, unlike time, the stories stand still and yet, are still timely. 

Back Deck

But in the mean time, with the still air around me and the feel of cold rain puddles under my bare feet, I'll enjoy the moment.