Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Blues - Part 1

Our first snow.

I love snow.

Seeing that we've managed to get this winter's snow all at once, I thought I'd write about it. In two parts.

It's early in the morning and looking outside I see that it's snowing. Again. With half dollar sized flakes, gently coming down. Watching it fall makes me reflect on the snow that we've received over the past month.

A light dusting.

The cold early morning air hits your lungs andmakes you feel alive.

Early morning snow.

The falling snow takes away all the noise making everything peaceful. It seems like you can actually hear the snow land on the ground.

You can still see the blades of grass.

The sound of snow crunching under foot where you never heard anything before.

Coated trees give them the look of a black & white picture.

The first snow falling coats everything with a covering of white changing the way everything appears. It looks like white brush strokes from an artist.

The Snow makes the House Glow.

The early morning newspaper leaves tracks as it skitters across the snow.

Cleaned Walkways leave a Pattern in the Bluestone.

I enjoy shoveling snow. It gets me outside and the exercise of moving snow feels great.

The Garden Angel is Surrounded.

A little more snow. This is great. Everything looks so fresh. I'm enjoying this.

A Pic from my Sister in Atlanta. They're having a "Blizzard"
They have a lot of catching up to do.

So there you go. A little snow. A little exercise. It's all good. That is until the snow didn't stop.

Next time - Winter Blues - Part 2 (or I hate snow)


  1. This snow is getting old and tiresome. I keep telling myself just two more weeks.

    1. Ya, I'm done with it too. Part 2 of the Winter Blues will have a different perspective.

  2. Pretty pictures. Glad you are also ok and I like the idea of you giving us a play by play. You must be out there snapping pics all the time! ( me too :) We posted only a few hours apart….cool that we both called that a "black and white" scene. I here you about getting out and shoveling. My husband had a few stents and cannot shovel. So my son and I do it and our neighbors help with a snowblower. In my next life I am coming back as a writer/photographer and I am going to work from home so I can enjoy every ounce of morning light.

    1. It's great to have good neighbors. I try to help mine when I can but it seems that everyone, except me, has a plow guy though. I always have my phone so I'm always grabbing shots. The difficulty is sorting through them all later.

      Spring is coming. I hope.