Thursday, July 18, 2013

Roof Work

North side
South side

With the exception of a portion of the garage roof, the asphalt roof shingles are just about complete so we'll be able to start keeping the rain out. If there was any.  So far it’s only been heat and humidity. At this point, a good rain shower would be greatly welcomed.
One advantage of the high heat (and only) is that the cellar is finally drying out. I can now actually walk around in it to plan where my workshop is going and of course the other things like a family room, bathroom, exercise area that will most likely just become an open air closet and maybe even a wine closet.
It's kind of exciting because I'll have a large workshop where I'll have tons of room to do projects or just make a mess with piles of sawdust and procrastinate on everything else. My last house was the first place I could actually have a shop (the house before it only had a crawl space and my workbench was out in an unheated garage). So I guess I'm moving up a bit. Yay!
The garage itself is pretty much complete. Because of the slope of the lot the garage ceiling is high enough for me to put a basketball hoop up on the wall. We had a back door designed in but originally planned on leaving it blocked off until we really needed it. However, the builder cut the opening by mistake so we said what the heck, put the door in now.
What's the best way to handle builder's mistakes? You can never prepare for them but you know they're going to happen. I'd rather have the contractor ask before removing or fixing it when it comes to something that might be a good add. That way I have the choice of deciding if having it outweighs the unplanned cost of paying for it.
What about you?


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