Monday, July 8, 2013

Smelling the Flowers

On Saturday, the weather was miserably hot and humid. Too hot and humid to do anything outside that required any level of major muscle movement so we took time out of building (like we’re actually banging nails) to smell the flowers.
My better half and I took a ride up to Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in Boylston, Mass ( where we spent the afternoon wandering around aimlessly taking in the gardens and their many types of plants.

Truthfully, I like to grow Irises and Daylilies (my thumb is far from being green so I plant things that survive despite my best efforts) and though Irises seemed to have passed, the daylilies are just starting to come into bloom. And they were really blooming at Tower Hill where they have many different varieties. At the moment I have about a dozen at home, only one of which I know the name of. Now that I’ve learned there are over 60,000 types of daylilies, my afternoon wandering taught me to start keeping track. So I’ve ordered those little plastic markers to mark the names of plants that I don’t know the names of…
 And courtesy of a Craigslist find, I have about another dozen to be added to my collection. But that will be another story for another day.
 We also found out that there is going to be a daylily show in two weeks so we’re going to go back to learn more and hopefully see some rare ones. And probably spend more money…
Here are some of the daylilies and other plants and things that we saw…

Japanese Pachysandra - I liked the Shiny Leaves

Water Garden

Old Well Cover or Mill Wheel Fountain

Slate table top - An idea for another day...

A View to Relax By

A Folly in the Woods

Daylily - Ed Murray

Fooled Me

Golden Chimes

Prayer Lady

Royal Frosting

Ruby Sider - That's about an 8" span

Without the Hand

Holly Hocks

Mercury Rising - Tickseed

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  1. You're like a little kid....attracted to anything shiny. Love you dad!