Saturday, July 6, 2013

Retaining Wall

Future Home of the Retaining Wall on the left
This type of Wall
Very Rough Idea

It’s just south of 8 in the morning and I’m sitting outside and the humidity is already sticking to me like thick  and sticky maple syrup. That and I’m nursing a slight G & T headache that I’m hoping caffeine will make go away. Ahhh, the day can only get better.
My plan is to go over this morning and meet with a mason about a retaining wall. Next to the side porch we have an area where we’d like to have a patio. In order to level the area off we’ll need a small retaining wall which I’d like to do with flat rock so it looks like a rock wall (ahhh, need more coffee). We also need a retaining wall next to the driveway so that the step off will be slight instead of to the driveway below. We want to keep the porch open and not have to put railings on it.
The idea is to have granite steps leading up to a walkway to the porch steps. We’d like to have plantings to the right of the porch steps (hydrangeas?) and below alongside the driveway. The patio itself will be of bluestone or something similar. On the upper and lower parts of the retaining wall we’ll have more plantings most likely made up of hydrangeas, Day Lillies, Asiatics, Irises and other samplings of the plant world.
We thought having a patio on the side in addition to the back of the house will help us catch the afternoon sun along with the southerly ocean breezes that we have late in the day. I can imagine us sitting there with the G & T’s enjoying life. Then I can start all over again the next day.
With coffee.
Enjoy your day.

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