Sunday, July 21, 2013

We Have Heat!

We Have a Furnace!

Yup, same one. Different angle.

Like an Octopus, the duct work is ready to snare something.

Future home of a Bathroom

Looking towards my shop area which I'm going to have to reconfigure. 

Future Family Room

Future Spa. Nah, not really. It's just wet. The stairs will come down on the left.
I'm thinking a Wine closet on the right to store my $10 bottles of wine.

Family Room looking towards where the stairs will come in on the left.
Who would ever think that after three weeks of 90+ degrees I’d be happy about heat? That’s because our furnace was installed. Yay! It’s a major component of the house and seeing it installed is just great.   Its gas fired and that’s about all I can tell you at this point. And the fact that it’s installed. The duct work is well along the way too. That means the air conditioning can’t be too far behind.
And believe it or not it’s actually cooled off outside too. Now it’s only in the 80’s. So much for living in New England!
Enjoy your week.



  1. Heat is nice, but you need the AC more right now.

    1. That is so true, These window units just aren't cutting it!