Saturday, July 20, 2013

Early Morning Musing

Smoothed over road granite, Warren, RI

Old Gate & Fence, Warren, RI

Night Shot (which is why it's dark) with Camera phone, Warren, RI
We'll need to practice some more...
Here it is not yet 7:30 in the morning and I’m sitting outside guzzling my obligatory second cup of coffee. The heat is already 120 and the humidity is also already 120. Or so it seems. Here in New England we’re just not used to this. Yes, short spells are fine. It makes jumping in 0 degree Atlantic Ocean water perfectly acceptable. And the resulting octave change of voices too. Fortunately that’s temporary. At any rate, this long term heat thing that’s been going on for what, six months now, is enough. How about a break?
The quiet stillness of the morning has now been pierced by the tick, tick, tick of the farm type oscillating lawn sprinkler that my wife of two months has turned on. I think it’s a test. Now that the lawn is being watered, the grass is going to grow and I’m going to have to cut it. In the heat. And the humidity. And then she is going to remember the new weed whacker that has been sitting in the box now for two weeks in the garage. Can’t wait. I think the birds have stopped chirping. Must be a sign…
Cook out with the kids planned for later. I’ll just tell her cutting the grass will ruin the flavor of the food. I think that will work. Ya, that’s it.
Stay cool and enjoy your day.
2 minute update – crap, she just asked me to cut the grass…


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  1. Years ago we left steamy Central Virgina for a short trip to Greenwich, CT, looking forward to cooler New England in mid-July. It was 95/95 the entire time we were there. I stopped thinking of NE as cooler in the summer, altho I am told that it sometimes is!

    Sorry you are sharing our awful climate for so long. They say it will be cooler tomorrow ... please!