Saturday, July 27, 2013

Newport Antiques Show

Nautical Antiques

Ship Model that the Exhibitor had reconstructed from Pieces

Great Ideas for the Garden

More Ideas (and money)

Old Wood Carving Set

Close up of a George III table

Small Sampling of Art work

Ship made out of bone by French Prisoners during the Napoleonic Wars

Close up of another bone ship. Note the Amazing detail.
Jeanne sur la terrasse
Daniel Ridgway Knight
With permission of the Rehs Gallaries, Inc.
There is nothing like seeing the actual piece.

So I’ve found another reason to hit PowerBall.
Yesterday was dreary with off and on rain and a slight chill to the air. I had taken the day off from work to do “things” around the house but the weather was in the way of accomplishing anything. And being a guy, any excuse is a good excuse to do something other than what I should be doing. So we headed down to the Newport Antiques Show
Now, I have to tell you, this is not your run of the mill antique show that is made up of a few antiques with junk from somebody’s basement thrown in. It is all high end furniture, artwork, jewelry and so on. And a checkbook would not be enough. I’m not even sure a credit card would be enough. You’d have to have your personal investment advisor in tow with a suitcase full of cash. But hey, we can dream. And marvel. And laugh. Laugh because the money I had put in my wallet in case there were any “finds” was staying right where it was. There wasn’t enough of it.
But it was fun and entertaining and the exhibitors were great taking the time to explain the pieces and give us the history behind them. I felt like I was at The Very Best of the Antiques Road Show Live. At one exhibit of artwork ( they had a couple of engravings by Rembrandt ( listed around $110,000. Yes, those zeros are correct. The exhibitor took the time to explain how works like that were an investment just like diamonds. I cracked that I would need a bigger credit line. I didn’t get a smile in return. But he was still a gentleman and took the time to explain all about the various works that he had on display. He must have been practicing.
I don’t think there was a single exhibit where I didn’t see something that I wanted to buy. But the best was the Rehs Gallery Exhibit ( I “discovered” that I liked paintings by Daniel Ridgway Night  (, Julien Dupre ( and Antoine Blanchard ( . Of course all of them were out of my price range with one selling for around $400,000.
And that’s why I now have another reason to hit PowerBall.
Enjoy your weekend.

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