Saturday, July 13, 2013

Plumbing,Slider & Room Over Garage

Holes for the Hot & Cold Water Feeds & Drain - Guest Bathroom
Drain & Vent Pipes
We Have a Guest Bathroom Tub!
Sliders in Living Room
Sliders and Home of Future Deck
Room Over Garage Wall Framing
More Framing - Future Bathroom on Left. Stairs to Living Room on Right

We’re certainly moving forward! The outside continues to get buttoned up with the addition of the sliders leading to the deck from the Living Room. The Room Over the Garage continues to be roughed in with framing (with finishing planned on a future project) almost completed. We had thought about leaving a cathedral ceiling on the room but the framers had to tie the roof rafters together with collar ties (they keep the roof from sliding out). I’ll have to get a pic to show you what I mean.
The plumbing has begun with the delivery of a bunch of Schedule 40 drain and vent pipe. They’ve also begun drilling holes for the water feeds and drains for the sinks and toilets. We even had a tub installed. I'm wondering what we need to do to protect it from scratching?
It’s amazing to see this all happening. Day by day there is more progress and it’s been interesting to watch. Like pieces of a puzzle being fit together.
I'll get more pics over the weekend.

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  1. Two weeks or so since i checked in, and wow! Your house is about where we bought ours, so can tell you that in some ways it will go breath-takingly fast now, and in some ways it will creep. But now it starts to beyours.

    We have the same bathtub/shower insert. It did not get scratched/banged up during the rest of the work, so i thinkthey are just careful.

    There are so many daylilies that keeping track is tough. You may find that you wil prefer to ‘paint' with them, rather than worry too much aboutnames.

    Or, is you are as anal as i am, you make an Access database, including their pictures. It keeps me entertained in the winter.