Friday, July 5, 2013

Notes to Builders...

Skylight Note
When I stopped by the other day, I left a note how I wanted the skylights boxed in. Having them boxed parallel to the floors and walls lets in more light. Boxing them at 90’s to the roof gives it more of a tunnel effect and doesn’t let in as much light. I hope they don’t think the note is too obnoxious.
The weather promises to be hot over the next week and now that the roof is pretty much done and most of the windows are in we shouldn’t have any more water going into the basement. With that in mind I ran over to the house Wednesday night and using a push broom I moved a few gallons of water in the basement into the sump pump hole. I then followed up with a squeegee and push a bunch more into the hole. There are still puddles left and a sheen everywhere but I’m hoping it will now start to dry. Talk about humid; I was drenched when I was done moving as much water as I could.
The problem is it’s difficult to ventilate even with the four large windows, three small basement windows, a bulkhead and the stairway opening from the garage. Air just doesn’t move around easily and without electricity you can’t run a fan. It would be nice to just have a dry floor. I guess that’s where the patience comes in. I wish I had a couple of those torpedo heaters that they use in the winter.
With Thursday having been a holiday I’m guessing there won’t be any work going on today. Can’t blame them if they took a long weekend. They did a great job of cleaning up the site on Wednesday. Wood is all stacked and debris picked up and even the sawdust was swept up. For the most part, it’s always been kept clean. I’ll pick things up here and there just so it doesn’t blow into my neighbor’s yards. And I want the yard just kept neat for the neighborhood. I haven’t had to do much of that though as they have stayed on top of it.
I’m going to go over later to poke around. Maybe even see if I can’t squeegee some more of that water around.
Enjoy your day.

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