Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Heating, A/C & Master Bedroom Walls

Heat & A/C Returns cut between wall studs
Vents Lined Up and Ready to Go
Vents Installed (looking down towards floor)
I'm thinking I should paint the inside flat black to make them
blend in better.

More HVAC parts Ready to Go

View from under the floor ready for the duct work

Living room wall with Fireplace

Hallway on the left. Walk In Closet left center.
Master Bedroom behind the Fireplace on the right.
Stopped by the house after work the other day and found that the wall between the Living Room and Master Bedroom had been framed as well as the wall for the Master Bedroom closet. Yay! We could finally walk around the Master Bedroom and get a sense of the flow. The closet is huge with plenty of space for clothes and shoes. For my better half. I’ll be lucky to get a corner allocated to me. But that’s all I’ll need anyways. And that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.
The gas fireplace was also framed off so now we know how that fits into the Living room as well. It’s great to see all of the walls now framed off and be able to walk around and see how all the plans actually look in wood.
The HVAC (heating, venting & air conditioning) work has also begun with vent holes cut and vents starting to be installed. They have a system for best location which seems for the most part to be under windows where furniture normally wouldn’t be located. I’ll have to find out how they calculate out how many vents are put in per cubic foot. I’m sure there is some sort of a formula.
So here we go. Exterior is almost wrapped up. Roof is just about complete and most of the windows are in. Interior framing is done. Now we’re quickly leaving the first phase and heading into the second phase with installation of the HVAC system, electrical and plumbing.
We’re looking forward to this new phase of our project. Yahoo!

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