Friday, August 2, 2013

Trim Work

Finishing the Garage Door Trim
Rubber Tape over Edge of Windows Before Trim Work
This Helps to Seal the Windows from Water 

Trim Work. Wood Filler & Paint will Neaten It Up
Soffit with Soffit Vent
Soffit Vent
Windows & Corners Trimmed Out
We're Ready for the White Cedar Shingle Siding
The trim work is pretty much done with the windows all trimmed off and the corner boards in place. The garage doors are all also trimmed off.
The soffits with their trim are well along the way. It was interesting that they now use plastic vents as soffit vents.  I’ve seen all kinds of soffit vents. 3” round ones, 6” rectangle ones and metal ones that go in front of the gutter and so on.
These vents work in conjunction with the ridge vents on the roof peak where heated air moves by convection drawing the cooler air in at the soffits and venting the hotter air through the ridge vent. This helps to keep the roof cooler extending the life of the roof. It can also help keep moisture out of the attic which can create a mold problem.
The vents and roof rafters need to be kept clear so that the air can move through. Too often folks paint the vents thus clogging them or they block the vents or rafters with insulation. Doing any of that defeats their purpose and you’ll be replacing your roof in no time or hiring a mold remediator.
Now that the trim work is up, it won’t be long before the siding starts going on the house. It will be fantastic to have the outside completed. We’re almost four months into construction and a year and a half into the planning.
And it’s all coming together.


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  1. Our house is just old enough that they didn't do the roof vent - the one that runs the length of the roof at the peak. When we replace he roof in 3-5 years, we will have it done. Husband wants to do a metal roof, but i doubt that that particular wish will come true!

    Can't wit to see siding.