Monday, August 12, 2013

Electrical, Water & Pavers Update

Electrical Conduit Running to the Telephone Pole

The Conduit will be Run Up to the Meter

View from the Pole to the House

Conduit will be Run up the Pole

The Red Tape, which will be buried, will let
Anyone Know that there is an Electrical Line Buried Below.
Electrical Circuit Breaker Panel
It's interesting how they ran the Sewer Line Behind it
The Blue Line is the Water Service Coming Into the House
Water Service Curb Stop (Shutoff) Buried about 6 inches Below Grade
Pavers - 2 Pallets Moved with Another Started
The trenches have dug for the electrical and the water service and the conduit for the electrical, cable and phone has been run. The electrical panel has been added in the basement. Now we’re just waiting on the conduit inspection so that the trench can be filled in. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow as today was a state holiday in RI.  Yup, it was Victory Day today which was formally known as Victory Over Japan Day.  I can even remember as a kid when we had Victory in Europe Day. Both of which celebrated the end of World War II in Europe and Japan. I'm sure like the aging Veteran's that fought in that war, these holidays will pass in time as well.
So besides being closer to having power in the house, the water line has also been roughed in so hopefully we’ll have water soon. Not that we can run it anywhere without faucets, but it would be nice to know we’re that close to having it.
And we’re making headway on the pavers. I have to stack them out of the way because of the top soil that has to be brought in so I’ll be moving them again somewhere down the road when we start the patio work. I like to think of it as good exercise. My back and knees likes to think otherwise.
Enjoy your week.

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