Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Big Week Coming Up

The White Cedar Shingles Have Arrived!
Stacked in the Garage Too

Maibec Nantucket White Cedar Shakes

Electric Meter Location
You can see the Telephone Pole in the Background where the Trench will go

View Looking from the Pole Towards the House
The Orange Lines Mark out the Utilities Trench
The Shingles are in! A couple of loads and a side order of shingles have arrived. We went with the Maibec White Cedar R & R’s (rebutted, resquared) shingles for our siding. They’ve been coated with a gray weathering oil to give it that Cape Cod look. We think the color will look excellent with the white trim. Rebutted, resquared means that the bottoms of the shingles have been squared off. This provides a more even shingle and helps the work move faster. They’re pricier but overall, it will be better look.
Also the trench for the utilities (electrical, phone & cable) has been marked out. Our plan is to bury the lines as the closest pole is out front and we didn’t want any wires coming into the front of the house.  Again, it’s pricey but overall it will give the house a nice neat look without any wires hanging from it.
At the same time that the electrical trench is going in we are having the trench dug for the water service. The curb stop is already in from the last house so it should be pretty straight forward. Of course, it’s required that the installer be licensed with the local water authority to do the install so this narrows the playing field down a bit. The company we have hired does a lot of work for our builder so we know we have the right person for the job.
So if everything goes according to my plan (I suppose I should check with the builder…) by the end of the week, we’ll have electrical service and water service installed. And maybe the siding started.
The house is slowly but steadily coming alive.

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