Monday, August 19, 2013

Siding, Skylights and some Down Time

Staging for the Siding!
Future Home of a Skylight
A Relaxing View
The siding company was onsite on Saturday setting up the staging so they can start the siding work this week. It’s a bit nerve wracking as the color is picked out (Maibec White Cedar Shakes with Misty Gray Weathering Oil) and the shingles have been delivered. Now comes the big drum roll. Will it look good? I’m sure it will as we’ve done our homework and it better. My better half reminded me this weekend that it was my deal as I picked it out. So I know it will look good. It will be great to see the siding going up as it will add to the character of the house.
We decided to do a change order (I’ll blog about those along the way) and have a skylight put in over the stairs leading to the room over the garage. We had toyed around with the idea of adding a small window on the landing but felt that a skylight would bring in a lot more light. The light will bring with it the added feature of making the stairway feel more open.
We spent Saturday afternoon at a friend’s house on the water overlooking the entrance to New Bedford harbor. They had nice gathering of a large group of old friends where we could set aside the frenetic pace of house building, paver and plant moving (another story) and other things that we call life. It was so nice to see everyone and have some down time. And listen to the waves gently shsssh against the shoreline. It was decompressing. And we enjoyed every moment.
Enjoy your week.


  1. You just have the perfect place, and what a wonderful view to gaze upon waking up. How does your skylight and sidings look now? Both the sidings and skylight help set the mood of one's household and even raise its value in the future. Just remember to have them checked by professionals every now and then to avoid any headaches from needing major repairs.

    Joann Winton @ AJC Roofing

  2. Is this a waterfront property as I think it is? If so, it's great that you picked a skylight over a window. In such location, it is much recommended to avoid dusty windows. :D

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  4. Quite some progress. A skylight in that location would definitely help cut down costs in lighting that particular area during daytime. At least all the exterior work is finished. All that’s left is the interior and plumbing. Hang in there!

  5. really interesting post! thanks for sharing it!!! Fantastic work, cheers.