Monday, August 5, 2013

The Perfect Weekend

Charlestown, RI Seafood Festival
With all kinds of Seafood
Rides - Puke-A-Rama
More Food
Clam Cakes & Lobstah Rolls
Newport, RI
Concert Night on the Wharf
Double Decker Food Bus
Still a Working Waterfront
With time to Relax
Robin Wilson (center) Lead Singer for the Gin Blossoms in the Crowd
Like bookends, our weekend was spent doing yard work and stuff in the middle framed by some down time enjoying life. We spent the day on Friday at the Charlestown, RI Seafood Festival where we enjoyed  a couple of lobster rolls and an order of clam cakes. The clam cakes were disappointing as they had very few, if any, clams. The lobster rolls did not disappoint and made up for their seafood cousins. The weather (or “weatha” in our Boston accent) was perfect. It looked like a fun place to bring the kids as there were the usual carnival type rides and a bunch of games to play.
Saturday and Sunday were spent catching up on yard work. Our crab grass weeds at the house being constructed are doing tremendous and are a deep shade of green. I even broke the weed whacker out of the box where it has been aging for the past three weeks. It’s a noisy bugger though. Maybe when this one goes I’ll opt for one of those quieter battery powered ones.
Sunday night we were in Newport where we went to a 90’s tour concert where Fastball, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth all played. It was a lot of fun with Sugar Ray and Gin Blossoms really getting the crowd going. We missed Fastball as we outside sitting on the dock having dinner when they came on. Smash Mouth must have been having an off night and we left about half way into their set like a couple of old fogies.
It was wide age ranging crowd. This was music from when my children were growing up and there were a lot of parents with their kids there. The best picture that I missed was of a boy who was about 11 sitting in his seat eating ice cream with earplugs in while his parents danced to the music. It’s funny while we’re becoming our parents, our kids are becoming us. The picture I did get (and nobody else but she will see) was of a lady that we know from church dancing on the chairs. Not something you would normally see in church. And she made us promise not to tell anyone. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to remember a lot anyways.
We had a great time and really enjoyed the show. And our ears have even stopped ringing. It was a perfect way to start and end a weekend with some good work done in between.
The way life should be all of the time.
Enjoy your week.

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