Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stairs & Concrete Floors

We have Stairs! (Any thoughts on a retaining wall next to the driveway?) 
Garage Floor

 Cellar Floor (Work with me. A flash can only do so much!)

There is nothing like a set of stairs and concrete floors to keep the excitement going.

They installed a temporary set of stairs into the kitchen area to make it easier for the construction crew to get into the house. Also, they poured the cellar and garage floors and they look absolutely great.

Because the garage doesn’t have a roof (or walls) yet I was concerned that the garage floor was going to get pockmarked from the forecasted torrential rains (3+ inches) that we are going to get.  Meridian, in their ever patient response, let me know that because the floors had already set (hardened), that shouldn’t be an issue. I have no idea about that sort of thing but figured I’d ask. Maybe I should start a side page of things that I asked, that turned out to be just fine?

Somebody at work suggested that like the reviews on Yelp, they should have one on homeowners and contractors could price their work accordingly.

Good thing they don’t…

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