Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dig Safe

So, there was one last thing to do before the demolition. JM Equipment, who was going to take down the house, called Dig Safe to identify and mark out any buried gas or water lines. The gas lines had yellow flags and yellow paint markings on the ground and street and the water line was  flagged and marked in blue. Right before we started the demolition they came back with the Gas Company because of the old gas line in the basement. We wanted to be sure that there wasn't going to be any problem as the foundation was being removed and broken gas lines can be disastrous. They confirmed that we were good to go.
Previous to this as part of the building department approval process, the water line was shut off by the water company, the gas company took care of the gas line and the electric company disconnected the power.

So now the house was disconnected from everything, asbestos was all gone and all of the salvageable items were removed. The ten day waiting period was up and no objections were filed so we had our permit and the excavator was on site. It was now time.

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