Saturday, June 1, 2013

Roof Trusses

Lifting the First Roof Truss into place

Setting it down

Roof taking shape!

Lifting the Gable end (only to set it down out of the way.)

Yesterday they started putting up the roof trusses that had arrived last week. It was interesting to watch as the lifted each one with a crane and put it in place. Having trusses speeds the roof construction enormously. One guy on the ground would attach it to the hoist and once lifted into place, two other workers would attach it to the wall plate (I need to check if that’s what it’s called) as well as to the truss next to it using strapping. Eventually, when the roof sheathing is installed it will hold them all together.
They must have heard about me. I had pulled up a lawn chair in the backyard under the shade of a tree and was eating lunch looking like the homeowner who was going to watch every step from the comfort of a nice chair. However, before they got started they politely asked me to stay outside the work perimeter (like stay in the street) in case there were any problems like things dropping. They mentioned something about liability but I think it was really to keep me outside of the question asking area.

I moved out to the street (I was going to go after I finished lunch anyways) and was able to get some great pics. Of course I would have loved to have been right there alongside them though as they guided each truss into place.

I was beckoned home before they finished. They didn’t need me anyways and I was able to do something much more exciting.

Like cutting the grass.


  1. From roofing jobs up to the finishing touches, house construction has a really long and tiring process. Good thing the result is very rewarding, that all the time and hard work you invested paid off. Anyhow, I read your ‘kitchen unwrapped’ post. There’s still a lot of work to do but I hope you can manage and finish before the holiday comes in. – Tamara @

  2. “Having trusses speeds the roof construction enormously.” – I agree. This is a good sign that the roofing work will soon be done and so on with other tasks. It’s a relief that at the end of the day, you’ll see good progress such as this. How is it by the way?

    Jaime @