Friday, June 28, 2013

Roof Peak Inside - How does this even act like a funnel?
Living on the coast, it's not unusual to have the humidity and heat combine to create early morning fog that usually burns off by midmorning. However, on Thursday the fog hung in there all day long like a bad hangover that just wouldn't go away. You could push the humidity around it was so thick. And today, we continue with the intermittent rain that started last night and it's supposed to be like this all weekend. I usually don't mind the rain but these are showers that you can't plan around. Just when you think it's clearing up to do some work outside, it opens up again, soaking everything. Deeply. And of course the water manages to find its way in either through the window openings or the roof peak.

We were hoping that the cellar would dry this week and I left the bulkhead doors open over a couple of days to help with the ventilation. Even though I spread it around with a push broom last weekend figuring if I pushed it to the dry spots, it would dry there again too. But with the humidity and rain, the cellar wasn't in the drying mood and we still have about an inch in places. A shop vac would take care of it but we don't have any power yet.  I have been reluctant to push the water into the sump pump hole because I didn't want the concrete fines (sand and what not from the concrete) blocking the holes in the pit. I may have to rethink that. Maybe I'll hunt down one of those large squeegees and just push the water in anyways. I wonder if a towel in the bottom of the pit would collect the sand?

 I wonder if I'm over thinking this? Probably.




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