Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Girl Cave

Roof Being Added for Girl Cave

How's That for a Roof Line?

From the Back of the House

Looking Down from the Girl Cave

The Girl Cave (room over the garage) continues to make progress. The roof joists are up and being tied into the main house. The entire roof line is beginning to really take shape and the house is starting to really look like a house. It had a chance to dry out briefly before the next set of thunder showers rolled through late in the day on Monday. I hope we see some clear skies over the next few days so they can wrap up the framing for the roof and get the shingles on to keep the rain out.

The good thing is even with all of the rain and resulting mud there hasn’t been any runoff into the street or my neighbor’s yard whose yard is lower than our lot. The other good thing is there was a double rainbow so it makes the rainy weather worth it.
Things are moving rapidly and we’re told we need to start thinking about things like location of switches and lighting. Like the girl cave or the kitchen or the bathrooms, I know I don’t have any vote in any of it.

I’ll just pretend like I do though.

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