Saturday, June 22, 2013

Roof Lines

Looking towards the Roof from the Girl Cave

Adding the Roof
Tying in the Roof Line from the Garage
Roof over the Porch Added
Lots of Roof Lines!

What do you think?

Tons of progress made over this past week. The roof to the Girl Cave (room over the garage) has been completed. The two sky lights and rough framing are all that remain to be done. We decided early on not to finish this for now in order to shave a few dollars (OK, more than a few) off the price of construction. With the addition of the roof over the porch in front of the kitchen, all of the roof lines are now complete. Yay!

We met with Chris and Sue from Meridian and walked through a few things (including rain) that we might change such as opening the doorway from the dining room into the kitchen (we think we might have a problem with refrigerator door not opening all the way because of the wall) and other important items. We need to have soffits added for lighting over the sink in the kitchen and Master Bath (it will also break up the ceiling a bit).

We also wanted to make sure that the furnace won’t be located in the middle of the basement where it would interfere with my 60 foot long man cave(uh huh, like I’m going to get one of those). And of course I asked that the 2x4 which was used as part of the garage floor form didn’t get removed to keep the lip of the floor from being chipped by equipment before the driveway is installed. Some call it being anal. I like to think of it as being linear.

We talked about electrical and lighting and switches and what not. Having a switch in the right place is critical for a good flow. We’re going to use the paddle type switches (modern style) and outlets. Additionally, our plan is to put all of the utilities underground so there won’t be any wires hanging from the house. This will help keep the house lines clean.

It was great to walk around with the two of them and throw some ideas back and forth and listen to their experience with different things.
It was time well spent.

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