Monday, May 6, 2013


Another trying to “stay ahead of the curve” step that we took was to have the gas company bring in a new natural gas line. The house had an old gas line into the basement but it had been disconnected years before when they converted to oil.

Our plan was to have a new forced hot water system put in that used gas as it less expensive in New England than oil. At least now it is. (I’m convinced that they go through ten year cycles where one is less expensive than the other. Then everyone converts. Then the other is less expensive. Do you suppose they plan that?) The main gas line was out front so we thought, let’s connect. So they came in, dug a trench and brought a new line right up to the house. We had asked that it be capped off until we had better plans. They agreed and left it with the meter in front of the foundation.

We were now ready for the gas and were happy that we had least made progress somewhere.
And of course, like any rehab, progress is always a temporary thing.

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