Friday, May 31, 2013

4 Walls!

Front of House - No, it's really not as small as it looks!

Front & North side
Back of house - Note the framing for the basement windows.

Framing the North gable end
Inside view - back wall
 Inside view looking towards the bedrooms
Inside view - Looking through the kitchen towards the dining room

Gable end ready to go up!
Progress, Progress, Progress!
Four walls are up and some of the interior has been framed. We can now see the basic outline and where all of the windows will be. Just the like we saw on paper, yet now, they’re real. The house is really coming together.
What a professional crew. They are all wearing hardhats and bright green t-shirts that say “Safety First”. Talk about a crew that provides a comfort level. To me, someone that ensures  that their crew is safe (They even had 2x4’s across all openings to prevent falls – it’s a 10 foot drop in some areas.) means they pay attention to detail. And if they pay attention to detail and keep their crew safe, then I am happy that they are framing our project.

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