Thursday, January 23, 2014

Short Weather Break

Front Porch Completed
The Columns Frame the Front Door Nicely

We'll need to Bring in Top Soil When the Weather is Warmer

Columns have been added to the side Porch

Side Porch with Mahogany Deck

The weather took a break long enough to have the front and side porches worked on. Columns were added and the mahogany decking was put on. Combined they give it a really nice look. The steps are sort of left hanging in the air but it gives us a good idea of where the final grade (top soil) will be. That will have to wait for warmer weather though.

The weather with its ups and downs makes for slow outside work.  This cold just seems to bring frustration with it. But I know things will start moving again.


  1. Love them both! I love my mahogany porch. Wish I could have done it on the back porches but I couldn't find tongue and grove mahogany that would stop the water from pouring through from the upstairs porch. How deep is that side porch? It looks similar to my front porch. The columns are beautiful.

    1. Thank you. The side porch is about 5 1/2 feet deep. Just enough for a chair and a drink.

  2. Just lovely. The columns and mahogany give it/them such a warm, welcoming look. You are gonna love sitting out there and sitting a little summer in the late afternoon! Keep the faith. it will get done.