Friday, January 17, 2014

Eye of Winter

Need Mud?

The Yard is Now One Big Mud Pile

The Stone Wall base is under the Black Plastic Wrap. This helps 
to keep the Water Out so that it won't collect and Freeze under the Base
The New Side Patio will be Going Above It

The Weather has Taken a Break Long Enough to Start the Side Porch

Porch from the Kitchen Window

We'll need to Bring in more Gravel for the Side Patio to Raise the Grade

Night Shot (Best I could do) of the Wood Ready to Go up 
for the Back Deck

If you’ve ever been in a hurricane and you have had the eye pass over you, you get to see the most amazing thing. The winds stop and the fury turns to calm and the clouds open up to an amazing  (and welcomed) blue sky. It looks like a perfect afternoon. Of course that is until the other side of the storm hits.

I’m feeling like that with this winter. We’ve had days of single digit temps causing pipes to freeze  and where it actually hurt to go outside along with a snow storm that dumped a foot of snow. Roads have had black ice in the morning making the drive to work interesting.

Until this week. Temps have been as high as the 50’s and other than some rain here and there turning everything to foot deep mud, it’s been pretty nice. I think it must be the Eye of Winter. And while I’m sure the other side of winter is coming, the builders are taking advantage of the better weather and are working on the porches and back deck. The mason is back on site too. I’m not sure how long this weather is going to last, but unlike normal where we complain about the weather, we’re not doing any of that. Now if could I just get the sun to stay out later so I could get some after work pictures…

Enjoy your weekend.

Go Patriots!


  1. A great description of this winter. Eye, indeed!

    I love that you will have a porch and a deck, too. Our small back deck seems to double the size of the house, serving as kitchen (the grill), dining room and den for much of the year. Altho our front porch is too "public" for much use, i like knowing it's here. A place to read a bit or spy on the neighbors!

    Hope you get lots of use out of both.

  2. Last week was a welcome break from the cold for sure. It's nice they were able to get some work done outside.

  3. You were right, it was the eye! And here we are….a foot of snow later! I think I am getting to that age that I am done with this thing called winter. Your house is looking beautiful. I truly enjoy the updates and photos.