Thursday, December 12, 2013

Prince Snow Farm

Ribbon Hand Stamped with Peace

Hand Stamped Gift Tags with Fabric Ties

Small Muslin Bags
(My Better Half said no, I cannot use them for screws)

Hand Stamped Lavender Bags
(My Better Half claimed these right away)

And my Personal Favorite - A Large Still Life Print

So while everyone is out buying lottery tickets for the $400 million mega millions I found my “win” in a very nice package sent to my house.
Recently I entered a Blog Give-a-way courtesy of Prince Snow Farm ( and I was lucky enough to win some very nice gifts. If my better half hadn’t have been standing there watching me open the box I just might have had some nice stocking stuffers. Hmmm, maybe I’ll do that anyways.
Monica has a great blog with her writings and beautiful pictures. She is also a great artist and makes some really nice hand crafted gifts and other things that you just won’t find in one of those big box stores. Please visit Monica on her post (above) or see what she has for sale on Etsy (
You just might find some of your own stocking stuffers.

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