Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kitchen Work Continues

Upper Cabinets are In

Starting to Add the Doors
Trash Compactor will go in the Opening on Left

Dishwasher will go in the Left Opening
Refridgerator on the Right

Stove will go in the Center
Drawer Microwave in the Facing Cabinet

Brushed Stainless Handles and Knobs

 We purchased a Kitchen Floor Display for Basement Cabinets

I liked it just for the deep stainless steel Franke Sink which 
we'll use in the kitchen.
I do the dishes so why not?

I had to spend about Three Hours removing the Silicon that held it
in place on the Display Cabinets

Bathroom Vanities Delivered

The kitchen work continues although it was more of a lull this week than continuing. You can really see how the doors make a kitchen. Right now it’s just a bunch of white boxes hung on the wall with the doors leaning against another wall. I’m not sure why they haven’t hung them all yet but there must be a reason.

Riley Kitchen & Bath is opening a new showroom so they put all of their display units up for sale at significantly reduced prices. My better half suggested that we buy one to use in our future Family Room in the basement. I looked at her with that “Are you crazy?” look because why would we need two kitchens and that’s just more money we’ll have to spend. Her reasons made sense (to her) so being the dutiful husband I went along with buying these beautiful cherry cabinets at a price we (? She) couldn’t say no to. Truthfully the display had a really cool deep stainless steel Franke sink (I’ll get the measurements). When I found out we could use it in our new kitchen instead of the standard one that comes with the counter top, I went along with it. After all, we have an agreement. When she cooks, I clean up. Which means that I clean up all of the time.

Once we took the display apart and moved it, I had to spend about three hours gently removing the silicon that was used to attach it to the display cabinets. I used some Motsenbockers Lift Off Silicon Remover to help remove it all. It was still a lot of work and I had to be careful not to scratch the sink. It will look great in the new kitchen.

My better half was successful in picking out some really nice brushed stainless steel handles and knobs for the kitchen cabinets from Top Knob. This was despite my offer of assistance with such gems as:

·         “You probably want them to match.”
·         “They have websites that have a lot of them.”
·         “The website will give you suggestions on the handles that will go with the knobs.”
·         “You probably don’t want to mix companies with knobs and handles.”
·         “You might want to make the picture larger so you can see them better.”

She went into the other room to look more. I think it was because I was being so helpful.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Yup ladies.... He's still mine..... Doesn't everyone need such a "helpful" husband????

  2. RI has excellent recycling for just about everything except food waste. I'm curious, what goes into a trash compactor?

    1. Right, RI does a great job with it's single stream recycling. I think in our house our recycling ratio is about 4 to 1 recycling to trash. We actually have a garbage disposal as well so a lot of the food waste goes into that. The compactor captures everything else that isn't recyclable such as plastics that held food or milk cartons. The compactor helps reduce the amount of trash bags going out. Just another way to reduce the waste stream.

    2. Milk cartons, milk jugs, juice boxes, all plastic containers regardless of the number on the bottom, and much much more can be recycled in RI. Check out

  3. The cabinets are beautiful. Love the Franke sink too. They have really nice products.

    Cabinet hardware is tough--there are too many choices--but it would be fun to see what you would pick if your cooking better half left it up to you.

    1. Thank you. Ya, I never knew there were so many types. Truthfully I like the brushed stainless look so the knobs probably would have been the same. I might have gone with a handle that had a bit of curl or end design or even possibly the cup type handles though. But I do like the ones she picked out too. (and I also know she is going to read this...)

      Btw, your new kitchen floor looks great!

  4. You were so smart to go all the way to the ceiling with your cabinets. When our house was built no one suggested that and I would love, love, love to have the extra space. If i ever re-do the kitchen, that will be at the top of the list.

    I have white cabinets and the brushed stainless knobs (no pulls - another "issue") and just love the look. it's so clean - also easy to clean! When we re-painted a couple of years ago, we switched out the "gold" colored knobs for the "silver" and added a modern glass and stainless pendent and have really liked both the look and feel.

    Also a smart move to get the extra cabinets for the basement. No matter what you do "down there" you will love having the extra storage. I think it is coming along great! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen ... and then the bathrooms!

    1. Thank you. We've been looking everywhere for a pendant chandelier for the dining room that wasn't ridiculously expensive. Not an easy find.

      Ya, bathrooms are next. I think the tile floors will be going in soon.

  5. Loving the kitchen. A bit jealous of the sink. When we put in a new kitchen/family room 10 years ago, we had exhausted every cent by the time the sink came along, so we took the free one with the milestone. Our island is massive, and I wish we had a nice deep, single sink. Can we ever change that? We have an undercount double stainless. I like the hardware choices mrs made!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you. I can't think of any reason why you couldn't replace the sink with a single deep one.

      I'm glad we have a single. I finally measured ours and it's 19" wide x 27" long by 12" deep. Plenty of room for the pans and dishes that I'll be washing.

  7. Loving that sink area. And I agree with you. You’re the one who’s going to end up using it often, might as well set it up so you’d be comfortable with everything. Haha!