Saturday, February 22, 2014


Niche ModernTerra Pendant with Plumen 001 Light

My better half and I (OK, mostly me) have been looking for months for the right light for our dining room. We have a beautiful hand blown light picked out from Niche Modern but it’s a bit more money than we want to spend at the moment. We noticed though that they have factory sale in April so our plan is to do a road trip.This means driving about 5 hours, spending money on gas, food and a hotel, and then saving some money on the light. Ya, it will probably even out, but it will be cool to go to the factory to see how they are made. And save some money.

So in the meantime, we need a light. Now I’m a Craigslist hound and have been able to discover some pretty good finds along the way.  Unless you type in the word “chandelier” in the Craigslist search bar. You’ll get thousands of chandeliers. Most are ugly which is why they’re being sold to begin with. So in the interest of sharing, I’m posting the pics of a few of the special ones. If you find them attractive, don’t be insulted that I don't. 

Crystal Chandelier from Prague for Sale-it is gorgeous and very unique. 
I no longer have room for it. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx. New price - great gift for Christmas

I think it needs to go back in the box. And sent back overseas. And fall off the boat...


Based on the date on the picture, after over a year of trying to sell it, I think they need to just wrap it up in that cloth. And  throw it away.

Antique Oman Chandelier
Rewiring needed
Cash only, thanks

I'm not sure I would want something that looks like a cremation urn hanging over my dining room table. Put it back into storage. For another hundred years.

Free Chandelier with frosted glass. You can also have two matching sconces not pictured if you want. All free.

There is a reason for free. I wonder if it will fit in the trash can behind it?

I think I'd be taking that little gong hammer and plinking away at each one of the crystals until it was all gone.

Gorgeous Beveled Glass Panel Chandelier Price just reduced - $310
This is a huge gorgeous beveled glass panel chandelier.The picture speaks for itself. Make your home look like a mansion.

Oh good the price has been reduced! And it's "Gorgeous"! Um, no it's not.

 Showstopper Chandelier - $600
Unforgettable chandelier is made of brushed nickel with frosted glass shades.

Showstopper? Unforgettable? There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe this one.

 Ships Wheel LED Chandelier - ONE-OF-A-KIND - $125
Signed and Numbered (1 of 1)

There is a reason why it's 1 of 1.

The One

After lots of searching this is the one we found and are going to put up temporarily. It's a heavy brass chandelier with six lights and it's not at all like the pendant that we want but we need something in the mean time for lighting. I like it and I think it will look good until we get the Niche Modern pendant that we really like. And for $100, it was a "good find". 

Although Mrs. OSH really did not want a brass one, I think she half believed me that brass was making a come back. And I convinced her it will work until our road trip which I promised to make. 

I'm sure she won't forget that promise.

Enjoy  your weekend.


  1. I love your wry wit; I laughed out loud. I thought you would have jumped at the ship's wheel though. It seems very Rhode Island.

    The one you got isn't bad at all. It actually looks expensive. It looks like it came from a good home too.

    1. Ha ha. Thanks. I left the really coarse thoughts off. The ship's wheel made me laugh when I saw it advertised as 1 of 1 and"signed"! I'm thinking it was a school project and the name belongs to a student who hopefully didn't pursue that as a career choice.

      I agree. I think the chandelier that we picked up is really nice and will look great in the dining room. We'll probably be too broke to afford anything else anyways by the time we're done.

  2. You are too funny. I am home sick today and needed a chuckle…or 5….

    I wonder if the piece in our dining room would have made your list ? :) It was here when we bought the house….keep thinking as I remodel the room it may have to come down…or get painted.

    I love a few I have seen…. (the one on the left) LOVE! I like a few of these

    Ok I will stop now….When we built our kitchen we went a bid modern (DWR) but as time has passed, it's too stark and cold for me….I want a comfy home…so I lean more towards a rustic look.

    Have fun on the road trip!

    1. It's amazing how the right light can make all the difference in a room. Those are cool. I hope you're feeling better and back on your feet.