Monday, November 18, 2013

Starting the Interior Trim

Trim and Stair Parts

Doors, Doors & Doors

Master Bedroom Entrance & Closet Doors

Hallway Closet

Bedroom Closet Sliding Doors

The Living Room is also the Workshop

Deep Window Sills

Door Casement

Trimmed out Window

Before the skim coat of plaster had even finished drying the interior doors, trim and stairs were delivered. It was exciting to see the doors and boxes because that meant we really were heading towards completion.
Within a few days the trim work contractor ( D.E. Zeilstra, ) arrived and starting installing the doors and window trim. I was happy to see that the sills on the windows were deeper than some contractors use. Of course I didn’t measure it but I guess the best comparison I can give is that it will hold a Christmas window candle nicely without fear of it being knocked off. The trim around the windows and doors is also wider then you see in some homes. It’s the little things that make a difference.
Doors can be difficult to install and this is where the quality of the work really counts. On my last house I had removed a couple of doors, frames and all, and they were a nightmare to reinstall. Of course if I had left the trim on one side it would have been easier. But I didn’t know that at the time.
Thank God I’m not doing these.  I had a chance to meet the owner of the trim company and after I went room to room trying all the doors I said to him “people will never notice a door that fits right but they will never forget a door that doesn’t.”
These guys are doing a great job.
Enjoy your week.


  1. That is exactly the right guideline - wide enough for a Christmas candle to not need to be taped to the sill! The windows and doors are looking good.

    1. I'll need to get a pic for you. My last house had sills that were so narrow that the candles would fall off.

  2. I love your casings. Who gets to fill all the nail holes?

    1. Thank you. I like how they are not your typical casings. I'm not sure who fills the nail holes. Just that it's not me.

  3. Wow things are really coming along! I love the deep windowsills. I also like that you are thinking of details like that….so often new homes and rebuilds just don't have character. I am enjoying the process….thanks for your kind comments on my blog.