Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Plaster - It's a Wrap!

Living Room - North Wall
It's not that dark. Just a weak flash.

Living Room - Looking towards the back yard

Living Room - Towards the Kitchen
Living Room - Looking towards the Front Door

Master Bedroom
Kitchen from the Dining Room

Kitchen - Looking into the Dining Room

Dining Room

From This
Skylight in Stairway to Room Over Garage
To This - Look how smooth it is
Garage Side wall

Garage Ceiling

The plasters worked like crazy over a couple of days and now have completed their work. All of the walls and ceilings have a coat of plaster that is so smooth it feels like a tabletop. And to think, they did it all without sanding. Not a bit. There wasn’t a single sheet of sandpaper to be found anywhere Me? I’m pretty sure if I did it no amount of sanding would match their craftsmanship. And I’d be doing that until next summer. They were so neat about the work, laying paper on the floors and covering the outside doors to protect them from gobs of plaster. It was almost like they were never there. You’ve got to admire their skill.
Every time another trades person completes their work, the house takes on a bit more character and gets closer to being our home. I think we’re heading down the home stretch.
Next up. Inside finish work.

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  1. Looking good! All that finish work seems to take forever. All those's a lot of measuring, cutting and fitting.