Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vent Fans & Garage Doors

Guest Bathroom FanTech Vent Fan
The fan motor is mounted in the attic to reduce noise

Master Bath Fan
Looks like Robot from Lost in Space
(Google it if you're young)

The Master Bath has Two Vents
Fan Vent with Light
Once the sheetrock is up, none of it will be seen
Garage Doors are In


The Electric Openers Look Like they belong on the Space Station

The Supports are about 8 feet long because of the high
Garage Ceiling

The FanTech fans have been installed in both bathrooms. Unfortunately, the switches won’t be installed until after the sheetrock is done so we couldn’t try them out. The fan for the Master Bath pushes 270 CFM and the vent hose is a 6 inch hose instead of the normal 4 inches. It looks industrial, but that will be behind sheetrock so it will never be seen. And it’s not supposed to be heard either. Can’t wait to try it out.
Garage Doors have been installed so now all of the openings have been filled with doors or windows. Before the electric opener was installed I was able to try opening and closing them by hand. I was impressed with how light they seemed. I’m guessing the door itself is light but the springs are tuned just right so they help a lot as well. The electric door openers are a bit weird looking but what the heck, as long as they work, who cares what they look like.

More parts to the puzzle have been completed. With still more parts to come. Cool.


  1. The height of the garage is amazing. It looks like you could put in an upstairs!

    1. The lot slopes downwards from the front and the garage is at the bottom of the slope. This makes the ceiling about 18' high. A friend suggested that we put in a double car lift to make it a four car garage. I'll have no money left to collect cars after this. The room over the garage has a great view though.

  2. That garage is a monster! looks like you could fit my whole house inside! Glad to keep up with the progress!

    1. Ha, ya, I guess it is big. Only cars are going in it though. No houses. I cant afford another one!

  3. I'll bet you a doughnut you'll be tempted to build a loft up above there within the first five years*.
    We had a similar (though not as grand) high ceiling in our old garage and the loft a previous owner built was a lifesaver for storage. In your case, it might as well be a man cave, project area, or a band practice room in case you have a kid who takes up the drums!

    *Just ping me in five years if you haven't been tempted to build the loft and I'll fedex you a doughnut.

    1. Not touching that bet. I've already told my better half if we have to store things in a loft type thing in the garage given all the space in the basement I'm throwing it out. Then somebidey said what about kayaks or things like that (lawn chairs, etc.)? Crap. I'm going to wind up wth a loft.