Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hanging the Sheetrock

5/8" Fire Coded Sheetrock is used in the Garage
That's an 18' Ceiling
Kitchen Start
They Overlap the doorway and cut it out later

Kitchen Completed
That's the Hood Vent Exhaust in the Upper Right
Hallway from Bedrooms
Usually they work their way Down but were Short Handed on This Day

It's Starting to Look Like a Living Room

Skylight Over the Stairs

They use Metal Edges to Give them Shape

If you Look Closely you can see the Staples Holding Them in

Master Bedroom with Plenty of Sunlight
Front Entry & Dining Room

Light Switches Trimmed Around

Mesh Tape is Used to Cover the Seams
This will be Mudded (Plastered) Over Later

Looking Through the Kitchen
The hanging of the sheetrock has begun and is already close to being wrapped up. It’s a lot of work and with about 200 sheets to hang it takes a while. Years ago they used to secure it to the walls using nails and a hammer that looked like a small hatchet with a dimpled hammer head.  Now they use screws and a screw gun and it goes up pretty quickly. Also, they use a zip tool which is like a small router to cut out the openings for the light boxes and outlets. The best part is they do it once the sheet has been screwed into the 2x4’s so it moves it along even quicker. They’ve been able to hang much of it without a lot of waste. Not only does it save money but that means less is going into the landfill.
After walking around rooms for months that were outlined only by studded walls, it’s nice to see the rooms actually take on the shape that we designed and that we previously only saw on a PC screen in 3D. Each one is already taking on it’s on own character and all of the windows are letting in light just like we like and planned.
Once all the sheetrock is hung then it’s on to the plastering. We’re getting closer and closer.


  1. It's always nice to see the shape of the rooms for the first time. I always think they look bigger when they're closed in for some reason. This is where the fun starts.

    How come such a high ceiling in the garage? That would make a nice man cave on that upper half. Theater, billiards, etc.

    1. Thanks. It is cool to actually be able to walk into a "room".

      The lot slopes from the front to the back so the garage is a bit lower. We took advantage of the space and put a room over the garage. The combination of the two made for a high ceiling in the garage. Plenty of room for future storage.

  2. It definitely "grows" when the sheetrock goes up. I love that stage. In weeks it will be speeding to the end. SO happy for you!