Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas - 2014

Click……. Tap, tap, tap… Hello? Anybody out there? Can you hear me? Good.

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote. Ok, maybe more like a few months.  Almost 6 if you’re really counting. The good news is, we’re in and have been since I last wrote. And that’s why I haven’t been able to write. Who knew that moving into a new house could be so much work? I first thought that the hard part would be packing and moving all the stuff junk that we had.

But there is all winter long to write about the move. Today is Christmas and there are more important things to write about. Like, outside of the important religious tone, things like family, presents and the bacon which my better half made for when the kids come over for breakfast. Little did she know that leaving the kitchen for a long period of time was not a good idea.

Christmas 2013
We've come a long way in a year.

Rewinding a few weeks, I was determined to have a real tree for Christmas. So we went to a tree farm with the worst looking Santa who’s ho ho ho’s sounded like they had a little too much Christmas cheer in between customers. Although I think Duck Dynasty would have been proud.

Wrapping the Tree
2 bucks extra? Really? Who charges for that?

Picking out the tree, a nice 8 footer, was quick. Loading it was not. After paying for the tree, including an extra charge for wrapping it in twine to make it less wide, we brought it out to the car. We have an RDX SUV that would fit an 4 foot tree comfortably. Not so much with an 8 footer. So as I was holding the tree, keeping the bottom out of the mud, my better half fought with putting the back seats down as I stood there patiently. Then she spread the tarp. Still patient. Then she started flattening out the tarp, while I was holding the tree sideways like an 8 foot sack of potatoes.  And of course patience and weight have opposing forces. Less patience equals more weight. And more weight equals less patience and into the downward spiral we went. 

Frigity, frigity, frigity. There aren’t any pictures. Just sound bites. None good. Out the door goes the Christmas cheer. My better half steps back and says “Good luck” with the look that only a wife that can do that pretty much says, “you’re now officially on your own.” I stuffed the now 500 pound tree into the back of the car up to the windshield, making it look like it was exactly what I had planned and away we went.

Prepping the New Tree Stand
The little plastic do-hickey they include did not make it easier.

Putting the tree up was a lot easier. After setting up in the new stand that we bought, and screwing the supports into the tree, and knowing to how to keep a good thing going, I turned on the game. Of course the results were immediate. However, without a lot of convincing (there’s a history with tree decorating here) I was able to show that she was much better at it than I was. Must be a husband thing. They want help. So we do. Then they tell us to stop. I don’t get it.

Tightening Up the Tree
And it doesn't fall over!

So fast forward to today, it’s 60 degrees in New England (so this is what Christmas is like in Florida?), the tree is beautiful and full of presents left by American Express and UPS. Strangely, the tree doesn’t have even a hint of a balsam smell. None, nada. Did they manage to manufacture that out of trees too? Now I understand why Yankee Candle makes Balsam & Cedar scented candles.

All Lit Up!
I can't take the credit. It would probably still be outside if it was up to me.

My better half is back in the kitchen and it will only be a short moment before she notices that bacon has mysteriously disappeared so I’ve got to run.

White House Historcal Society Ornament- 2014

Here’s hoping that you and your families and friends have a Merry and Peaceful Christmas full of Joy and Celebration.

Chilren's Service with Giant Puppets.
How cool is that?

And during the day today, please remember those who serve and can’t be home with their families. Whether it's military, police, fire or whomever is working; it's because of them that we can enjoy our time.

Enjoy your day. And Merry Christmas!



  1. Well yes, there is still someone out here! I have wondered where you had happened off to! So glad you and your wife are in for Christmas! The tree looks fabulous! I am hoping for a room by room tour…yes? I haven't posted in a while either, as my dad became ill after Thanksgiving, and passed on december 14. It has been a tiring, sad time. I will write soon. It is what will get me back on my feet again. Ok, now hurry off and photograph those pretty rooms for your fabulous home tour post….and make the photos nice and BIG for these old eyes! Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Monica,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. Don’t let his passing make a hole in your holidays. Instead fill it with the many great memories of all the times and all of the holidays that you had with him.

  2. It's completely understandable that you haven't been around to update us about your adventures around that time. With Christmas and your move happening, I'd have told you to enjoy the moment as it came as well. In any case, now that the holidays are done and gone, I hope that the family has been settling in nicely on your new house. Keep us posted, Larry! I wish you guys all the best! :)

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removalsl