Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kitchen Granite Installation

Starting the Finish Work

Installing the First Piece of Granite

We have a Counter Top!
And the deep Franke Sink is ready to be Installed.

Carrying in Another Piece
It was heavy and they were moving quickly

Counter Top to the Left of the Stove
We went with a Rounded Edge 

Installing the Left Side of Sink

The Heaviest Piece was the Corner End that has an Overhang
The Drawer Microwave will go in the Opening

In Place

Almost Finished. The Back Splash and the Piece behind the stove will be 
Installed Next.

It's Difficult to get a Good Pic that shows the True Color.
Sort of a Chocolate Brown made up of Different shades.

We Went with a Delta Lewiston Touch Faucet.
We didn't want a High Faucet that Took Away from the View out the window.
Plus the sink is so deep it would have splashed like crazy if it was higher.

You'll have to use your Imagination. The Pic looks Black but
it's Actually Brown.

Now we can start to bring in the Appliances!

Work is picking up everywhere. Yay! Hardscaping and Landscaping are going on outside and the finish carpenters have set up on the inside. The floors received a second coat of poly and have been covered with Rosen paper to protect them.

But nothing says “Light at the end of the tunnel” more than seeing the granite delivered. We (OK, my better half) picked out this great looking granite from Brazil that is called Tobacco Brown. I’ve seen a lot of blacks and whites and beige’s and so on in kitchens, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brown and it looks fantastic! It contrasts nicely with the white cabinets and will look great with the stainless steel appliances that we’ve picked out.

I just happened to be there (right, it was on purpose) when the folks from Stone-Tek arrived with a truck load of granite. I can say I’m glad I didn’t have to carry any of it. Fortunately they were able to pull up to  the front stairs with truck so they didn’t have to carry the pieces up a bunch of stairs. The large pieces look extremely heavy and there were a lot of groans as they were carrying each piece in and sliding them into place. And because they used a laser for the layout, each piece fit perfectly.

Once the stove is delivered they’ll be back to finish the back splash and the wall behind the stove. The plan is to have a large piece of granite behind the stove that goes up to the vent hood to protect the wall from cooking grease.

We’ve looked at the counter tops a million times and from every angle possible and each time it brings a smile to our faces. I guess you could say we really like the look.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I love the counter top. That is a very unique granite and I don't believe I have ever seen anything like it. Great choice.

    You must be getting very very excited. I wouldn't be able to sleep.

    1. Thank you. I'll sleep better once we're in and we don't have to worry about work getting done.

  2. I love the granite! It looks perfect! Don't you just love how the warm weather is getting the ball rolling….plus I think it just lends us an optimism that makes us a bit more tolerant. Hoping you have been enjoying the perfect weather we have been having. Thanks for the vote!

    1. Thank you. The weather has been great, even when it's raining. Any time I can be outside putzing around is a good day.

  3. Love it! It looks great with the floors too. You must be thrilled!

    1. Thanks. We have one more coat of poly to go and then we can start moving furniture in. It has been such a long road.

  4. I typically don't llike granite countertops, but yours look amazing! Can't wait to see the end results.

    1. Thanks for stopping in. I'm glad you like the countertops. We're looking forward to the end results as well and can't wait to move in.