Saturday, April 5, 2014

For Want of a Nail...

Kitchen Floor Complete

Stairs from Room Over Garage

All Set to Be Sanded

Dining Room - The light should play off the dark floor well

Sanding the Floors

Stain Test - Minwax English Chestnut

Stain On - Stain Off

Living Room - Before Poly


Living Room After One Coat of Poly with Protective Paper
Dining Room

Master Bedroom


Living Room

Tile Ready to Go

Building a house can one of the most frustrating things that you can ever do. It seems that there are points of sheer speed when you can see progress every day. And these bursts of progress are often interrupted by dead stop, no work, no progress moments that last for days and at times, weeks. Like intermissions in a long play or movie. This was one of those intermissions.

While we were happy with the speed of the floor install and looked forward to having it stained and polyurethaned we were unprepared for what happened next. And so was our Project Manager.

They. Went. On. VACATION! So the floor sat. Unsanded. Unstained. Unfinished. And we were unhappy. Very unhappy. Now I’m sure somebody told our builder, Meridian Custom Homes that they would be away. But they didn’t tell our Project Manager, who also happens to work for Meridian. So all the sub-contractors that he had lined up, were unlined up and went off to other homes.

You see, the tile guys wouldn’t come in until the hardwoods were done. The cabinet guys wouldn’t come in and install the vanities and wrap up the kitchen until the tile guys were done. The granite vanity and counter top company wouldn’t come in until the cabinets were installed. The painters wouldn’t come in for the touch ups until the countertops were installed. And the electricians wouldn’t come in to install outlets and switches until the paint was touched up. And so it goes.

But now the floors are installed, stained and covered with the first of three coats of poly. Rosen paper has been spread on the floors to protect them. And the tile that has been sitting in the garage since February can now be installed. And we can get the subs all lined up again. And keep our fingers crossed for no more vacations while they are working on our house.

I have to admit, as frustrating as it was, with the floors in, they look great! We’re happy with the way the stain looks in contrast to the paint that Mrs. OSH picked out. The floors were the last bit of large construction. Now we can start on everything else. Yes, we’re really seeing light at the end of the tunnel now.

Enjoy your weekend.

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