Saturday, March 8, 2014

Painting Wrap Up

Master Bedroom
Rockport Gray

Guest Bathroom
Misty Memories


Dining Room

Dining Room

The painters have wrapped up the interior painting and cleaned up their gear and moved onto the next house. The ceilings, walls, trim work and doors are all done and they look great. Of course, I was so enthralled by it all and how it looks I just didn’t take enough pictures.

I’m glad we decided to stick with a few primary colors until we move in and get a feel for each room and the lighting. I found that with walking from room to room or even looking at the walls in any one room, the shades of color seem to change. What makes it even more interesting is the Collingwood, which we used in all of the main living areas, seems to take on a different color as you move from the hallway to the Living Room to the Dining Room. The amount of natural light coming in really makes a difference. Who knows, we may never need to repaint any time soon.

The other part that paint really makes interesting is how you can now start to see the character of the house and every room starting to come through. All that planning. All that swearing (yes, I’ve had some moments) seems to be paying off. Having it go from a piece of paper to a plan to something that you can touch is awesome and makes it all well worth it. Most of the time.

So what’s next? The floors should be coming in and I expect that part of the project will take a couple of weeks. 

Enjoy your weekend.