Sunday, September 22, 2013


WaterFire and Gondolas

Lighting the Fires.

Gondola alongside the fires
The Wind really Whipped the Fires Up

Water Place Park
Another View

Moving Statues

A Quick Clip - Not sure how well this will work

Last night we went into Providence to have some down time and watch WaterFire (

WaterFire, which begins at sunset, is the burning of wood in about 100 braziers that have been placed in the Water Place Park river canal in downtown Providence. This is accompanied by music that is piped into the speakers in the canal which really adds to the effect. The braziers are supported by three floats so that the burning wood is kept above the water in a basket as if they were floating above it. Providence has been doing this for almost twenty years and it has attracted millions.

But it’s not just the fires. There are gondolas (yes, real ones) plying the canal with their lucky passengers. The parks also have entertainers with some dressed as statues that move only after you’ve made a donation. There were many folks having their pictures taken with them. What a hoot it was when one of the gargoyles put his claws on the head of a young teenager when she wasn’t paying attention. Talk about a squeal.

The weather, even with a bit of wind, couldn’t have been better. It was a perfect night to stroll along the canal, watch the many fires and relax. The company I was with, made it even better.

Enjoy your week.

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